Dear Etsy, Goodbye!

It's been a slice. But hardly a match made in heaven.

I have been listing my designs with you since 2015. The very first listing was the Coco Chanel quote - A girl should be two things: who and what she wants. And last week you "delisted" it. I am still waiting to hear why exactly you took it down, but I suspect you think it is a "copyright infringement" situation. That is the reason you took down two other listings over the 6 years we were a partnership.

First, it was an Oprah Winfrey quote.

I was never told, but I suspect someone at Oprah's corporate conglomerate objected, and you folded like a wet shirt. Next, it was a Dolly Parton quote. And this one really rankled, and still does, because there are all kinds of listings using the same quote. There are other Dolly Parton quotes in use, too, on coffee mugs, printed art, T-shirts. But for some reason, mine was particularly offensive.

As for Coco Chanel?

Well, enter the name in the search box, dear Etsy, and you will see just how many other instances of "infringement" you are hosting.


sent an email to support asking for an explanation, because I never did receive the promised communique that would further explain your decision to take down the Chanel chart. It's been a week now, and I still haven't received a response from support either.

My sincere thanks to supporters

So, I've decided to be proactive, rather than sit here, living in dread of having you shut down my shop and my other Etsy shops. What She Said Stitches on Etsy is gone. I am done. Life is too short for the frustration and anxiety. I will put my efforts into my little indie shop instead.

My thanks to everyone who supported my Etsy shop WhatSheSaidStitches and my efforts to spread the words of strong women, one stitch at a time. I hope you will follow along on my social accounts, and enjoy the newest charts.