Here's why I sell on Etsy, Amazon and in my "indie" shop

Years ago, I began selling on Etsy and offered a VIP subscribers' discount code to marketing email subscribers. But, over the years, and as they are known to do, Etsy changed the fee structure and began eating away at the amount of money I received from each sale.


I also wanted to offer a free chart, but Etsy requires a minimal fee to list the chart. The buyer didn't have to pay a lot of money but it wasn't free and, dammit, I wanted to offer it free.


I designed several books featuring a collection of 6 charts each, and made them available on Amazon in print-on-demand and digital formats. Since I was set up to sell these on Amazon, I started listing the individual charts as well.  Amazon takes a hefty chunk of the sales, and it doesn't accommodate discount codes. I list in US funds on Amazon, so the cost to Canadian and international buyers can vary with currency fluctuations. And, again, free charts aren't possible.


So, finally, I set up my own independent online store. The associated costs of the indie shop are much lower. The next step was to start the Stitchers' Club, which offers free charts as well as a 20% discount on purchases by members. Listings in my indie shop are in US funds so, again, there is some fluctuation in other currencies.


I sell on Etsy, still, where I list in Canadian funds. I no longer offer discounts on Etsy, but instead run special sales events. In this way, the reduced price is posted along with the listing for all to see and no discount code is necessary.